Oxide Real Estate Development

Developer / Owner

Oxide is an entrepreneurial, urban real estate investment and development company. We specialize in bringing under-utilized properties to meet today's standards. Our efforts are focused on opportunities arising from and contributing to the Rust Belt revival with a focus on targeted neighborhoods of Pittsburgh. We pursue creative office, street retail and boutique multifamily projects. We take pride in creating spaces with unique character and an inspirational quality.

www. oxideredev.com



mossArchitects is a Lawrenceville-based architecture firm. They approach each project with a sense of challenge and adventure - resulting in artful, innovative and responsive design that enhances the built environment. They specialize in creative and unique offices, restaurants, retail, residential, adaptive reuse, parks, and cultural facilities. The firm recently won the 2017 Pittsburgh Magazine Home of the Year award and have had a hand in notable projects including the Ace Hotel and the Row House Cinema.




Small Change

Crowdfunding Platform

Small Change is a real estate equity crowdfunding platform that connects investors to developers undertaking projects that transform communities. It’s like Kickstarter for real estate, but instead of providing opportunities for donors, it provides opportunities for investors. Based in Pittsburgh, Small Change makes real estate investing accessible and hyper-local. The Buvinger Building was proudly the second project to be funded through Small Change's platform.